Praising the Lord Daily

"We will sing of the mercies of the Lord forever: with our mouths we will make known His faithfulness to all generations. Who among the sons of the mighty can be likened unto the Lord? God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him" - Psalm 89:1,6,7.

EBENEZER HOUSE is initiating the creation of the Ebenezer House Chorale of 576 singers and musicians to praise the Lord from the rising of the sun to the setting of the same every day. That’s right. They will be paid to do nothing else but to praise the Lord in singing and in the playing of music; reading of the Holy Bible; testimony of God's doings around the world; and praying (for world leaders and events) 24 hours everyday.

The Chorale will feature the unique Royal Symphony Orchestra of Reggae Music - that will be based in Jamaica together with 144 singers. The other 432 singers and musicians will be dispatched to other nations for the praise and glory of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

Ebenezer International Development Organization is the agency of EBENEZER HOUSE that concentrates on acts of benevolence; humanitarian services; and social and economic development at the community level – internationally. It invites people of all nationalities and skills and professions to offer themselves to the service of humanity in various countries around the world – on a coordinated basis.

Worldwide Cooperative Approach
Some of the service areas include (but not limited to) care of disabled and homeless people; food mobilization and distribution; clothing provision; water supplies; micro farming; farm irrigation; micro industries; micro lending; early childhood education; elderly care; rural telecommunications; disaster relief; medical services; helicopter emergency services; housing construction; road and bridge building; electricity facilitation; furniture and appliance installation; computer and internet services; Bible translation and distribution; community radio programs production; airport building; airlifting of humanitarian supplies; maritime engineering; inner-city development; sports; youth development; public amenities; entertainment centers; environmental care; community beautification - and more.

Consistent with the principles of The Holy Bible, EBENEZER HOUSE insists that individuals and corporations should set aside one percent (1%) of their financial and material increases to aid the poor in these ways. It is called “Firstfruits” and may be presented in cash or products or services. God adds a very special and generous blessing (in addition to all other blessings) on persons and institutions that faithfully help the poor and aid community development through “Firstfruits”.

Please click on "Worldwide Administration" and on "Financial Administration" below - to obtain an overview as to how EBENEZER HOUSE is structured. To register as a prospective career worker or as a volunteer, please contact Ebenezer Palace at EBENEZER HOUSE. Letters may be sent by post to EBENEZER HOUSE, Jamaica. Faxes may be sent to the Chief Minister at 530-690-9194 and emails may be directed to the

Universal Representation
is an embassy of the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. As such, the man of God duly and humbly represents The Living Word (Jesus Christ); the Written Word (Holy Bible) and the spoken word (as instructed by the Holy Spirit of God).

He also fearlessly and fairly administers righteousness and justice in world affairs - from Jamaica - in the name of Jesus. The world should be reminded that Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, is HEAD of both Church and Government. He does NOT countenance separation between Church and State - but He inhabits the global praises of ALL His peoples.

EBENEZER HOUSE holds fast to the belief that The Holy Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God. The man of God commands that The Holy Bible be daily consulted as Law Book, Handbook, Guide Book and Reference Book for all Governments and Churches and Peoples everywhere.

EBENEZER HOUSE earnestly urges faithful adherence to the Ten Commandments of God and it encourages the praying of the Lord's Prayer. It sings "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow" as its Global Anthem of Praise. It invites the world to join in singing its Adoration Song, "How Great Thou Art", in adoration of and in submission to the eternal majesty, supremacy and sovereignty of Almighty God and His Son, Jesus Christ.

EBENEZER HOUSE is firmly committed to facilitating the advancement of the knowledge of the glory of the majesty of the living God and His Son, Jesus Christ, to cover the whole earth with the righteousness of His Kingdom.

Indeed, we are committed "To make known to the sons of men HIS mighty acts and the glorious majesty of His Kingdom - which is an everlasting Kingdom and His dominion endureth throughout all generations". Hence, the passage of Holy Scripture that is selected to reflect the mission statement of EBENEZER HOUSE is Psalm 145.

EBENEZER HOUSE is a universal repositor of God's incalculable blessings. As it receives blessings, it shares blessings. As such, the man of God is obliged to pronounce a blessing upon all those who visit this Internet website. It is recorded in Numbers Chapter 6:24-26:

"The Lord bless thee and keep thee. The Lord make His face shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee. The Lord lift up His countenance upon thee and give thee (and all the members of your family) peace" - now and always. Amen.

Written by King Ebenezer, man of God, under Divine instructions. Updated December 17, 2003.

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